Germany is the most populous state in Europe with a population of a whopping 82.7 million people. Keeping up with this trend, Germany has the largest number of foreign passport holders in Europe with 10.6 million fitting into this category. When you include those who go on to get German citizenship, 17 million+ people in Germany have a migrant background. That’s 1/5 of Germans!


What do Mercedes-Benz, Hugo Boss and Adidas all have in common…? They’re all German of course! Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe, leading the way in a number of industries ranging from automobiles, clothing, construction and is currently running a trade surplus of $281 billion. In addition to its strength in these fields, Germany is also a heavyweight in the financial world (Frankfurt is only topped by London in this regard) … What’s more, studying in Germany is almost free (read €200 a year).

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Thanks to its prime location in Europe, Germany is close to France, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Czechia (9 countries total, with many more within easy reach thanks to Europe’s fantastic and low-cost transport network!). It’s easy to see, in addition to everything that is going on in Europe, you will never be short of something to do!

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Germany may be noted for having dark and dreary weather. Although this may be true at sometimes of the year, the German climate in actuality is a lot better than most think - and during the summer months can get as hot as (if not hotter than) Spain, Italy and even Greece! Cities like Berlin (which is 9 times bigger than Paris!) are dotted with public lakes that people frequently swim in during the summer months, with sand and shisha cafes a common occurrence – It’s like the beach on your doorstep.

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The only downside is that taxis in Germany are Mercedes… meaning you have no excuse to be late!

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