It's how we started out

Being an education consultancy firm, it should not come as any surprise that we offer university admissions services (it’s our bread and butter, and we’re proud to say that we’re very good at it!).

We are a UCAS registered centre and have partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry to ensure that our applicants are in the best possible position when applying. Some of the universities we work with include King’s College (part of the University of London and ‘the magic triangle’), St Andrews (The alma matter of the future King and Queen of England) and Durham University (the Alma Matter of a Current UK Supreme Court Justice and the current ruler of Luxembourg). 

Regents is dedicated to offering a timely, simple, professional and most importantly effective service. Our process is simple:
1. Get in touch: We’ll help you choose what you’d like to do, and advise you on where you could go.
2. Send in your documents: Once you’ve made a choice, we’ll tell you what we need – usually Transcripts and Passport info, but each university is different. We’ll handle the rest.
3. Get your offer: We take care of everything from A-to-Z. Meet your offer, Get on the plane (we can help you with that too!) and go! 

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